Asia Data BootCamp

Singapore, Oct 26-27, 2014


Oct 26-27 2014

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Singapore’s first Data Literacy Bootcamp will be held on October 26, 27 at IDA Labs @ National Design Centre, co-organised by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and The World Bank.


The bootcamp is designed for journalists, developers and coders interested in hands on learning and building apps and visualisations for civic media. The two-day bootcamp will be led by senior trainers from World Bank, and data experts from global and local technology organisations.

Participants of the bootcamp will be guided through a set of basic data literacy skills, starting from spreadsheets and ending up at learning to create data visualisations. After attending the bootcamp, journalists will learn to understand and use data to create more insightful media stories. This will also help to drive adoption of open data.

Why Open Data? Open data is a massive yet untapped library of information that is available to the public. With the correct use of open data, significant benefits can be reaped such as improved measurement of policies, in-depth analytical insights and sharper business decisions. The Government of Singapore has opened over 8100 datasets from more than 60 government ministries and agencies via So learn how you unearth the intricacies behind data, improve forecasts and even assist you in your decision making processes.

Hacks (Journalists) & Bloggers

Journalists, Bloggers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Interactive Designers. Learn to tell more powerful stories with new new tools. Learn to use data to create localised / personalised content.

Hackers & Makers

Developers, Designers, User Experience (UX) Researchers, Engineers.
Come work on meaningful problems for mass audiences. Get connected to new markets, and practice your skills.

Civil Society Professionals

Data Experts, Government ICT Thought-leader and NGOs.
Come help connect indicators to issues. Team up with civic technologists and mass media pioneers to build citizen tools.

Session Leaders


Jacqueline Poh
Managing Director, IDA, Singapore



Kai Xin Thia
Data Science and DataKind SG

Nic Dawes

Nic Dawes
Hindustan Times, India


Chia-liang Kao


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